Sylvia Leong CUSD Trustee

Experienced. Engaged. Endorsed.

We Did It!  THANK YOU!

Elected Nov 4, 2020

with the highest number of votes in the history of the district

Because Our Schools are Our Communities

Community Voice


Forward-thinking Education

Social & Emotional Well-being 


Financial Stability

As your current school board trustee, it's my honor to provide leadership and direction for CUSD. 

I'm committed to advocating for our 15,700 students, because they deserve an education that is holistic, personal and equips them to fulfill their potential.

Our schools ARE our communities - and we must invest in our students to invest in our future.

Sylvia Leong,
Governing Board Member

I am a wife, mother, admissions counselor, community volunteer, and current Cupertino Union School District trustee. The two years I have served on the board have flown by as I have worked to increase communication with the community, made decisions that kept our district financially solvent, and ensured that the academic excellence we are known for is matched by similar emphasis on social and emotional health. With your support, I will continue my advocacy for our students and our community.