I am grateful to have the support of my community
Federal, State, County and City Officials

Anna Eshoo, U.S. Congresswoman

Evan Low, California State Assemblymember, District 28

Marc Berman, California State Assemblymember, District 24

Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, President

Paul Fong, Fmr. California State Assemblymember, District 28

Charles "Chappie" Jones, Vice Mayor, San Jose

Larry Klein, Mayor, Sunnyvale

Nancy Smith, Vice Mayor, Sunnyvale

Glenn Hendricks, Sunnyvale City Councilmember

Mason Fong, Sunnyvale City Councilmember

Emily Lo, Fmr. Mayor, Saratoga

Rod Sinks, Cupertino City Councilmember

Richard Lowenthal, Fmr. Mayor, Cupertino

Dr. Michael Chang, Fmr. Mayor, Cupertino

Orrin Mahoney, Fmr. Mayor, Cupertino

John Zoglin, Vice Chair,  El Camino Healthcare District Board

Education Officials

Lori Cunningham, Board President & Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Phyllis Vogel, Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Sandy James, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Anjali Kauser, Fmr. Board President, Cupertino Union School District

Emily Lee Kelley, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Ben Liao, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Jo Lucey, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Soma McCandless, Fmr Board Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Gary McCue, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

George Tyson, Fmr. Trustee, Cupertino Union School District

Jeff Moe, Board President & Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Bill Wilson, Board Vice President & Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto, Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Rosa Kim, Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Roy Rocklin, Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Homer Tong, Fmr. Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Hung Wei, Fmr Trustee, Fremont Union High School District

Cynthia Chang, Board President & Trustee, Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District

Katherine Tseng, Trustee, Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District

Pearl Cheng, Board President & Trustee, Foothill-Deanza Community College District

Patrick Ahrens, Trustee, Foothill-Deanza Community College District

Gilbert Wong, Trustee, Foothill-Deanza Community College District

Peter Landsberger, Trustee, Foothill-Deanza Community College District

Michele Maginot, Board President, Sunnyvale School District

Reid Myers, Trustee & Fmr. Board President, Sunnyvale School District

Bridget Watson, Trustee, Sunnyvale School District

Jodi Muirhead, Vice President & Trustee, Santa Clara Unified School District

Melissa Baten Caswell, Fmr. Board President, Palo Alto Unified School District

Maimona Afzal Berta, Board Vice President, Franklin-McKinley School District

Jorge Pacheco Jr, Vice President & Trustee, Oak Grove School District 

Devon Conley, Board Vice President, Mountain View Whisman School District

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"Sylvia Leong is a thoughtful and proven education leader in the community.  The children and families of CUSD will continue to be well served by re-electing Sylvia to the Board of Education.”

- Cindy Chavez, President,

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

"I am glad to endorse Sylvia Leong for the Cupertino Union School Board. Sylvia has the passion and persistence to guide the district through these turbulent times."

- Anna Eshoo

U.S. Congresswoman

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"But the district needs Vogel, with her 13 years of board service, and Leong, a longtime district volunteer and parent leader, to get back on track....These are not challenges best left to newcomers....Vogel and Leong remain driven and committed to move the district forward. They will have our vote Nov. 3."

- Los Altos Town Crier Editorial

Aug 26, 2020

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I'm honored to have the endorsement of the three employee organizations in CUSD.  Everyone in our district works so hard, regardless of whether they are in the classroom, in the front office, or maintaining the facilities, because they care about kids.  We must continue to work collaboratively towards the same goal of creating the best opportunities for our kids.

Community Members, Parent and Leaders

Devendra Alimchandani, Technology Executive

Sridevi Anwar, Lynbrook parent

Tom Avvakumovits, Associate Superintendent - FUHSD

Sandy Baba, Regnart & Kennedy parent

Kim Beals, fmr. Meyerholz teacher

Jon Campbell, Miller/CLIP parent

Connie Chan, Meyerholz teacher

Jamie Chan, Blue Hills & Miller parent

Sophia Chan, Lawson parent leader

Tiffany Chan,  Sedgwick parent

Omar Din, Sunnyvale City Council candidate

Tara Dowdell, Meyerholz, Miller Middle and Lynbrook High parent

Alan Fong, Meyerholz parent & substitute teacher

Sharon Fong, Lincoln Elementary School Staff

Wendy Fong, Lehigh University, Director​, Chi-Am member

Martin Griss, Associate Dean, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, retired

Matthew Heydinger, Meyerholz, Miller and Lynbrook parent

Lani Honma, Community Leader

Helen Chang Hui, Saratoga community leader

Kathy Jacques, Monta Vista parent leader

Aileen Jung, Lincoln Teacher & Meyerholz parent

Kevin Jung, CLIPCO Co-Treasurer

Grace Kong, Lawson Parent Leader

Edie Lau, ELD Specialist, Ohlone School

Breanna Lau, CUSD alumna

Wesley Lau, CUSD alumni parent

Jane Lee, Meyerholz CLIP Teacher

Wendy Leu, Murdock-Portal & CMS parent

Alan Li, CLIP Parent Leader

Doris Livezey, President, Murdock Neighborhood Association

Andrew Knaack, Santa Clara Unified School District candidate

Jen Kerwin, Collins parent volunteer

Kelly Nguyen, Lynbrook parent

Alyssa Nobunga, Eaton & Lawson parent

Norma O'Connell, Community Member

JoEllen Poon, Lincoln parent

Audrey Prouse, Blue Hills Principal, retired

Ravi Rajagopalan, Miller/Lynbrook parent

Grace Robinson, fmr. Lawson/Miller teacher

William Sam, Pediatric Physical Therapist

Sowmya Sathyanarayana, Miller parent and CUSD substitute teacher

Linda Sell, Former West Valley Educational Endowment Fund Board Member

Payal Shah, Murdock-Portal and Miller Middle parent

Jennifer Shearin, Walk-Bike Cupertino Boardmember and CUSD alumni parent

Janelle Shoan, Lincoln Elementary Teacher

Manuela Silveira, McAuliffe School parent

Betsy Slattery, CMS parent

Melissa Tao, John Muir and Lynbrook parent leader

Maki Tazawa, Blue Hills parent

Anna Tsai, Meyerholz Teacher

Eileen Voon, Community Leader

Vicky Wan, McAuliffe parent

Barbara Wang, CUSD/CLIP parent leader

Judith Wilson, Community Leader

Mimi Wong, Community Leader

Wilma Wu, Homestead High guidance counselor

Dawn Ying, Community Leader

Sue Yuen, McAuliffe parent

*Titles listed for identification purposes only